Welcome to Fun Fit Dance

Greetings, if you are no fan of treadmills...you have come to the right place.

ZUMBA and dance , are SUCH a FUN way to get a great workout.
Escape the stress of the day, and release the inner disco duck,
or girly girl in you.

Exercise should not be a chore or a bore. If it is - then try something new.
Imagine yourself Enjoying burning calories!
500 - 750 an hour!

Christina Dance Zumba Pose

Dancing burns more calories than a treadmill, and engages many more muscle groups, because you are constantly changing position throughout the dance sequences.

In addition to that, your mind isn't tortured with the same old forward facing position, for a mind numbing 45 minutes or however long you walk or run for...

No hamster wheels with ZUMBA or dance - and it provides wonderful, HAPPY endorphin's!
You don't need to be a dancer, just enjoy music, and want to exercise in a FUN way.

Come and experience ZUMBA and Dance Fitness.

I KNOW you will have a fantastic time.

Call Christina at (949) 547-2428 if you have any questions.