About Me

Having been certified in early 2012 to teach Zumba , I have been very fortunate to have been able to teach Zumba in a few different countries around the world including England and South Africa.
And although recently I decided not to continue teaching under the Zumba constraints because I have  been enjoying creating my own choreography for years instead of using Zumba's; 
I am still grateful for the foundational knowledge their program taught me.
(original Zumba certification certificate at end of page)

Whether teaching in Africa or in Europe - people are the same, regardless of geographical location.
Most people were looking to GET FIT DOING SOMETHING FUN, and make connections with other people.

I have seen the transformation of many proclaimed two left feet "non" dancer participants, to become twinkle toes who eventually had memorized the moves so well, that they began doing them even before we had even transitioned into that part of the choreography.
They surprised themselves, and had fun doing it. Now that's a dream exercise!

Our brains are truly an amazing organ, and most of us don't realize how capable we are of learning new things. If you put it to work, it will adapt, and learn.

Think of fitness dancing as MENTAL WEIGHTLIFTING

Dancing  not only engages your BODY and keeps it conditioned, but also our MIND and SOUL.
How fantastic is that!
And an escape or RELEASE from a stressful day, or life
can be a game changer to many suffering with over burdened adrenals and mild depression!

Come make new friends,
or just come for a mental escape - enjoy movement with music tha
lifts the spirit, to make a positive impact in your life!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Christina after sweaty but oh so fun dancing!